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In 2019, Croydon Climate Action was founded to work in partnership with Croydon Friends of the Earth, specifically to work on local campaigns relating to climate change. 

We are a group of passionate individuals who work with local councils, businesses, schools and communities to ensure the future of Croydon is climate-friendly. 

Croydon Climate Action's core mission:

  1. Working together to build a green and sustainable future for Croydon.

  2. Engaging with the Croydon community in raising awareness of the climate and ecological emergency and leading and supporting on actions that will mitigate its impact.

  3. Working with the local authorities and elected officials to help shape climate-related policy which benefits both the local environment and community. 

  4. Leading campaigns, hosting events, workshops and webinars that raise awareness of the climate and ecological emergency and showcase both our group and the community’s efforts to build a green and sustainable future for Croydon.

  5. Actively working on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, upholding the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the Rights of the Child.

If you want to become a member, campaign with us or have any questions about what we do, get in touch today.





Katherine has loved animals, plants and the outside world since she was little and has always been passionate about protecting the environment. Katherine studied Politics and International Relations at university and has since worked for both the public and charity sectors. After attending the initial launch event hosted by Friends of The Earth she volunteered to be one of the founding organisers and is excited to see what this reinvigorated group can achieve.


We were delighted to receive a Friends of the Earth Earthmovers Award for "amazing campaigning during the May elections and engaging actions throughout the year".