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Croydon Climate Action is working with Pesticide Action Network on the campaign to achieve Pesticide-Free Croydon.


Pesticides are harmful to health and environment and are usually used in towns for cosmetic reasons. There are plenty of safe alternatives available. Pesticide-Free status is awarded to towns where the Council no longer uses pesticides.

What's happening in Croydon?

Croydon’s contractor Veolia still use them on verges and pavements. The Council are currently running a consultation which is an opportunity to influence the Council through a survey regarding the Veolia contract renewal in 2025.

Please can you complete the consultation by 25th February and ask others to do the same.

There are a number of questions to complete but the key ones for us are:

  • To what extent are the following a problem in your local area? Weeds on the public highway - select ‘not a problem at all’

  • Which areas in your neighbourhood tend to get dirtiest and would benefit from more attention in the future? Select ‘Other’ and you can write ‘I don’t consider weeds to be dirty, in fact I would like to see more biodiversity in my borough.’

  • To what extent would you support or oppose the council adopting a pesticide-free approach to weed control? Please select ‘strongly support’

  • Street Champions - opportunity to promote biodiversity and object to pesticides. Recommend supporting Street Champions. 



Thanks for submitting!

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