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Hope in hustings!

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With just five weeks to go until this year's major elections, things are really getting exciting here! On 6th May 2021, Londoners will be voting for the next Mayor and London Assembly members for the next four years.

"How will these elections affect me?" I hear you ask. Well, with the climate crisis on the political agenda now more than ever, we all need to ensure our elected representatives are putting the climate at the forefront of all decisions made.

The Mayor of London has important powers they can use in ensuring the area is as climate friendly as possible. We know that whoever is elected as the next Mayor can’t single-handedly solve the crisis, but they must use the powers they have to make as big a difference as possible. The Mayor has a central role to play in providing a vision for the area, and will need to work with councils, businesses, local communities, and the national government.

What does the London Assembly do?

The London Assembly holds the Mayor to account by publicly examining their policies and programmes. The Mayor responds to Assembly motions and formal recommendations, and also consults Assembly Members before producing statutory strategies and the multi-billion pound budget for the Greater London Authority (GLA) Group.

One of the constituency representatives in the London Assembly will be from the Croydon & Sutton constituency candidates (listed below). We have been engaging with and meeting them to hear their plans if elected, and asking them to take our pledge.

As you may have seen if you've been following us for a while, we managed to have successful 1-2-1 meetings with Claire and Peter, but had no response to our meeting requests from Patsy or Neil.

So what's next?

We have organised a very exciting hustings event on Wednesday 21st April at 7pm. A hustings is a meeting in which the election candidates or parties debate policies and answer questions from the audience - questions from you!

Croydon is the most populated borough in Greater London and a hugely diverse and culturally rich place. It's so important that everyone has the option to voice their opinion, especially Croydon and Sutton's young people. This event will be the chance to show candidates that they will need to take tough action on the climate crisis if they want to win our votes.

As of today, we have had confirmation from all four candidates that they will be attending!

If you, or any young people and children, wish to ask the candidates a climate-related question, either email us at or via our social media platforms. Due to time constraints not all questions will be asked but we hope to cover most areas. To register to attend the event itself, please do so here.

We look forward to receiving your questions, and see you there!

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