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Trees4Croydon is a mass participation and engagement initiative to raise money for tree-planting projects in deprived areas of Croydon. Benefits from tree planting include:

  • More equitable access to trees/ green spaces in the borough;

  • Enhanced biodiversity; 

  • Greater carbon sequestration; and

  • Cooler neighbourhoods


This year's Get Moving for Trees event took place during June and July and over 700 people took part, walking, running and cycling in 73 active teams covering 30,673 miles. We expect to raise up to £80,000 (dependant on probable grant applications) with an additional £17,000 grant applications pending. 

For Phase 2 Trees for Cities are working with the Trees and Woodlands Department of Croydon Council to plant trees in partnership with Croydon Climate Action and Croydon Voluntary Action. The community tree planting day is planned for late January.​


Stay with us! Keep up to date, engage with Trees4Croydon on social media, talk about Trees4Croydon at every opportunity. You can also get back to us through our WhatsApp group or email with the subject line "Trees4Croydon".

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