Why are we launching the Trees for Life campaign? 🌳

  • Trees capture carbon and mitigate against climate change

  • Trees increase biodiversity

  • Trees capture water and reduce flooding risks

  • Trees improve air quality

  • Trees reduce heating and cooling costs

  • Trees connect us to nature and improve our mental and physical health

Croydon Climate Action is working with Trees for Streets and Trees for Cities to increase tree cover in Croydon especially in areas of green space deprivation! How could you play a part in co-creating the Trees for Life campaign and get involved in the action?

  • You might have connections with local organisations, charities, residents groups etc. that we could work with especially in areas of green space deprivation (West and North Croydon)

  • You might be interested in getting your neighbours or groups that you belong to sponsoring a street or park tree

  • You might be good at raising money or crowd funding to support the Trees for Life campaign.

  • You might have other brilliant ideas to share!

 If you can answer yes to any of the above then sign up to take the next step and be part of planning the action for 🌳TREES for LIFE🌳!



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