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Trees4Croydon is a mass participation and engagement initiative to raise money for tree-planting projects in deprived areas of Croydon. Benefits from tree planting include:

  • More equitable access to trees/ green spaces in the borough;

  • Enhanced biodiversity; 

  • Greater carbon sequestration; and

  • Cooler neighbourhoods. 

Participation planned from all key constituencies e.g. businesses, schools, faith-groups, NGOs, friends and family

Participants will walk/ run/ cycle/ travel by wheelchair from 5 weeks from 10the June. Progress will be shown on the app, atlasGO.

Funding will come from organisations sponsoring 5,000 mile milestones, from teams and individuals fundraising, and from grants.

Funds will be provided with conditions to a partnership including Trees for Cities and Croydon Council for planting and maintenance.

Want to get involved? We need you to start considering how you will take part in this campaign. You can:

1. Make a pledge to lead a team. How many participants? We will put this on the website. Might be Friends and Family, your workplace etc Plan how to best engage them e.g. a Team outing, walk etc

2. Offer to engage with your network or other organisations. Aim is to secure participation pledges and (where appropriate) sponsorship or funding pledges from team leaders

3. Provide promising contacts for team leads to the core team

Stay with us! Keep up to date, engage with Trees4Croydon on social media, talk about Trees4Croydon at every opportunity. You can also get back to us through our WhatsApp group or email with the subject line "Trees4Croydon".

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