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Why are we launching the Trees4Croydon campaign? 🌳

  • Trees capture carbon and mitigate against climate change

  • Trees increase biodiversity

  • Trees capture water and reduce flooding risks

  • Trees improve air quality

  • Trees reduce heating and cooling costs

  • Trees connect us to nature and improve our mental and physical health

Croydon Climate Action is working to increase tree cover in Croydon especially in areas of green space deprivation!​

Our Trees4Croydon campaign will run over the year, with the key activity being a 3 to 4 week mass participation event, Get Moving for Trees, planned to end before the end of the summer school term that will see 1000s of Croydon citizens walking, running, cycling or travelling by wheelchair to raise money for tree planting and unlock 3rd party funding. On completion of this event, proposals for tree planting will be evaluated and initiated.

Would you like to play an active part in Trees4Croydon?  Let us know if you would like to be involved!

  • Could you volunteer to set up a walking, running, cycling or wheelchair Get Moving for Trees team or multiple teams?  We all have extensive contacts and networks that might like to be involved e.g. family, work, social groups and more that could take part. 

  • Would you like to join a team?

  • Could you help us to publicise Get Moving for Trees through your social media? 

  •   Do you have skills and time to offer, like graphic design or digital admin? We will need help on the admin side.

  •  Do you have connections with our key decision makers or large organisations e.g. Croydon Council, public sector organisations, schools and colleges, NGOs, businesses, faith groups. If you do and would be happy to contact them personally to see if they would like to be involved in Get Moving for Trees, then let us know.

Please get back to us through our WhatsApp group or email with the subject line "Trees4Croydon" and we will get back to you.

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