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Croydon Climate Action is working on a campaign to reduce and eliminate pesticide use in Croydon



Where are they used in Croydon?

  • Croydon’s contractor Veolia still use herbicides on verges and pavements including outside schools

  • TfL use herbicides on the routes they are responsible for

  • Many other organisations use herbicides such as housing associations, sports clubs etc.. , shops sell them and individuals use them widely 


What can we do?

  • Croydon Council are reviewing their service agreement and TfL are trying different schedules and alternative approaches, we need to maintain pressure on both to ensure they implement policies that reduce and eventually reduce pesticide use

  • We want to identify as many organisations in the Croydon area that are using pesticides to manage wildflowers (weeds), please email us at with details

  • We want to identify organisations and individuals who have adopted great alternative approaches and use these as examples for others to adopt

  • We can promote the advantages of improved health and biodiversity

  • We can work with other groups to promote reductions in pesticide use

  • email us at to get involved



Thanks for submitting!

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